Terre d'ancrage

Creation of a website and PR - Lyon - 2017/18

Terre d’ancrage is a project where they try to help migrants on housing by creating flatsharing environements so that the integrations of the foreigner is more subtle.
1st part : Understanding the needs and doing some information architecture
With a very tight budget I decided to do all the website myself with the bootstrap theme that I had on my own website. The only problem was that they sent me a 20 page document that was suppose to be the landing page. So I had to help them figure out what they wanted to say with my PR past and the actual Information Architecture.
2nd part : Light wireframing and creation of the website itself (ongoing)
Once they understood what I needed, I sent them a little wireframe so that they know what they were going to get. I’m working right now on the HTML and CSS part as you’re reading this.

What I’ve learned :

Puting my hands down HTML and CSS is alway good to understand what problem developers can face in if you think of too complicated design or environements.
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