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Freelance's project - Lyon - 2017

(in english : USETOOL)

Complete make over of an old app. Introducing a data-driven solution, the app is now helping you repair your car with video tutorials and can now predict when you have something to replace.
1st part : Interviewing users
I did 4 interviews to understand the users need and then try to fill it with the app we were doing. Most of the people wouldn’t work on their own car but instead just want to know when they have to change something.
The choice of people was due to the context where my users were available and also motivated by the CEO who wanted to open the app to non-mechanic amateurs. He wanted a focus on women so I choosed 3 women in the interviewing process.

2nd part : Strategy to technical specification
After I did projects linked to data. I had a little understanding of how it works, so I introduce the idea of creating a database of people with certain car so that the app can predict the user when he has to service his car. After we figured out how the little algorithm could work, I began to create wireframes of the app. I did them with Adobe XD.
Once they were approved by the team, the next step was to write down technical specification so that the developers could give a price. To do so, I did a 60-page’s document where you had all the links between screens and all the explanation of how the app would work and predict the repair.
3rd part : High definition prototype
Transforming the wireframe into something that looks good. But not only that I’m helping the CEO trying to define the graphic strategy he should adopt regarding his target.
I have some liberties on how I can graphically display the information and what’s even more interesting is the direct interaction with the development team.

What I’ve learned :
First complete solo project where I am the only UX expert. I am trying to involve many different aspects of the start up life such as the short budget and the lack of time.
In the end it helps me manage many parts of what a UX project can be.
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