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Master's project - Lyon - 2017

Answering a professional client and helping him on the on-boarding part of the platform which aims to help people manage their selfdata (data that you can regain from the company that are collecting them with the goal to analyse yourself in order to be better).
1st part : Understanding client’s need
We did a lot of meetings with the project manager to find out on what we could be useful. Our teachers encouraged us to take some step back on the situation in order to bring a new point of view. To do that we had planned appointment with the client so that we could inform him on where we were going and how that could help him solve one of his issues with his platform.
2nd part : Personna creation and user story
Once the user research was done, we created a set of 3 personas that we identified
as potential users of the platform. Then, we created 3 adequate user stories that
represented a potential problem for each persona. The process behind this creation of
3 according user stories/personas were to present them to the client so that he could
choose which problem that he wanted us to solve.
Once the organization had decided which problem we had to face, we focused on
expand the user story that we did and also create the solution itself. The one that they
chose was to improve the on-boarding for the person unfamiliar with Selfdata.

3rd part : Creation and pitch of the solution
We knew what problem we had to solve, to do so we tried to create a solution. We created
an on-boarding which explained all the things that users had a hard time to understand. We
created a kind of high-fidelity wireframe that we pitch in front of our teachers and the client.
We had strict time rules to present the project that we came up with. That helped us to learn how to synthesize all the knowledge that came upon in the project and the solution itself.

What I've learned :
It was a group project which helped us a lot by teaching ourselves how to deal with a client in the first place. Also it gave us a pattern to handle the project and the client so that everyone is happy with the result.
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